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Book review: Everything I Know About Love

I must admit, I bought this book in November last year and didn’t get too far. I remember receiving an email from the Book Depository promoting some of its best-sellers, and found this book amongst them. Having not lived in the UK since 2002, I wasn’t familiar with Dolly Alderton’s dating column or podcast, but the title did catch my eye.

The past month or so hasn’t been exactly easy for me, so I just wanted to read a light-hearted book, and this book was perfect for that. It is a memoir of Dolly Alderton’s dating life, which is full of ridiculous stories in the early years. The first half of the book is a little contrived, I must say… it feels like Alderton is trying way too hard to be funny. However, she begins to write more honestly in the second half of the book, revealing discussions she has had with her therapist, and other personal reflections. I felt that this was where her writing really shone.

Initially, I didn’t think I could relate to the book, but when Alderton dissects her past and comes to an understanding about why she had been unfortunate in love, her truths uncomfortably resonated with me. Each person has a different psychology when it comes to love. Some are serial monogamists, who don’t know how to be alone, whilst others have never had any long-term relationships. The reasons are plentifold and everyone has past experiences that shape the way they conduct their relationships. After reading the book, I decided that I was definitely a ‘Dolly’.

The most powerful part of this book is definitely the friendship between Alderton and her best friend Farly. It reminded me of how much I appreciate my closest friends. It truly is a beautiful ‘girl power’ moment when she speaks so endearingly about her closest girl friends at the end of the book. As soon as I finished reading it, I texted my bestie and told her I’m lending her this book!

If you’re looking for a (mostly) light-hearted book with a feel good ending, I would recommend this!

Happy reading,

Miko xx

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