Yumiko is a very passionate and dedicated yogi whose desire to learn is truly admirable. She is open and receptive to feedback and does an incredible job at implementing what is suggested to her.

She is very creative in her sequencing and has this incredible ability to make the entire room smile as she adds in her own little colourful phrasing to her teaching. Her voice is always consistent and calm and truly helps students focus on their own breath and movement.

There is no doubt that Yumiko will be a great yoga teacher, one whom many students will resonate with and thus will keep coming back to her classes!

– Gwendoline Ferreira & Lisa Nelson, 200HR Yoga Teacher Training course leaders, Yoga Bliss Lembongan

“During my 200-hour yoga teacher training, I had the good fortune of being class mates alongside Yumiko.  She is extremely knowledgeable about the body and proper asana alignment and I learned a lot about yoga from her. She fosters a sense of community in her yoga classes that is welcoming and kind. Her classes are approachable to everyone at all levels. Yumiko teaches her students in a helpful and thorough manner, while also being friendly, warm and a general joy to be around. Most of all, she has such a healing dialogue when she teaches her yoga classes!” – Heather, 33

“I’ve attended several of Yumiko’s Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga classes. I’ve really enjoyed them and love her teaching style. Not only is she very knowledgeable about the practice, she is also very hands-on, helping you into the postures, and encouraging. I would recommend Yumiko to everyone and look forward to taking more classes with her!” – Birta, 24

“Yumiko is an excellent yoga teacher. She blends challenge, flow and just the right amount of humour to make the whole session enjoyable and satisfying. I highly recommend Yumi as a teacher.” – Nicolas, 41

“Yumiko tailors each class to the individual to make sure they each work at their own pace. She delivers the class so gracefully that everyone emerges in a totally relaxed state, feeling refreshed. I’d recommend everyone to go.” – Anne, 51

“I’ve enjoyed your classes very very much, you’re a wonderful teacher and your classes are ever so relaxing” – Diana, 74

“Yumiko is very enthusiastic, sincere and caring towards her students” – Susan, 65

“Yumiko’s class was most helpful and can recommend” – Margot, 80

All students have consented to their testimonials being published with their first names and ages. Thank you for your feedback, beautiful yogis!